A new start / on the wild side

This is the second shoon-the-wild-sidet I took for my still fairly newly started 365 project.  The aim is to shoot and/or post a shot for every day of a year.  I’m doing this on flickr, where I really started my photography journey.  You can find my flickr stream by clicking on any of the thumbnails down at the bottom right of most of the pages on my site, under the title of  ‘RECENT PHOTOS’.  I’ve been lucky enough to start this project with my flickr buddy Gary, you can find his flickr stream here http://www.flickr.com/photos/gkoiter/.  It’s nice to have someone who understands what you’re going through with this kind of commitment, I think it makes it more fun.

Anyway, as you may have noticed… or not, if you’re new,  I’ve decided to change things up a bit on my site.  I think, up til now, my blogs have been a bit dull and impersonal.  I had been intending to do a seperate blog, to my site, however, I’ve now decided that I’d be spreading myself too thin, so I’m gonna concentrate on my site blog instead.  It’s gonna be the place I showcase my favorite new shots, talk about equiptment, techniques, pretty much any kind of photography ramblings I might have, and perhaps non photography stuff too… who can say?

I’ve also decided to streamline my portfolio and only post the stuff I really love, and have a passion for, on my website.  I do lots of experementing with different styles of photography, on my flickr stream,  so feel free to check that out any time!  Anyhow, this is all gonna kind of be new for me, so I hope everyone will forgive any hiccups in my experimentaions x

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